Movement Medicine | Internal Family Systems | processwork: somatic practice in UK, Europe & online

Courses, Workshops, Individual Support & Professional Mentoring with Rosie Perks

Exploring the moving landscapes of body heart and mind: when we welcome the ever present conversation between our moving bodies and feeling hearts, inviting the focus and curiosity of our minds and compassionately engaging with what is happening; a door opens to more kindness, space and inclusion of ourselves and others.

Dance as a practice is a highly efficient tool for processing our experiences, traversing our emotions, and getting to know ourselves better. Dance Scapes with Rosie integrates the somatic practice of Movement Medicine® with trainings in Internal Family Systems, Processwork, trauma awareness and systemic understanding.  

Movement Medicine weaves the liberation of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding and the intelligence of shamanic practice. It is a trauma informed modality that supports us to explore our humanity with compassion, creativity and curiosity. This is somatic practice for the times we live in, rooted in our connection to the natural world and the cycles of life. Returning us time and again to the home inside our hearts, the nourishment of our bodies in motion and the love of a dancing village.

• welcome the intelligence and freedom of your moving body

• dance with and between your internal and external awareness

• experience being accompanied in movement and in connection with others

• remember yourself as part of the web of life and lean into the resource of the elements we are made from

• discover support for your heart in motion and care for the world

• all human varieties, experiences & abilities very welcome