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BELONGING is an invitation to return to the places of connection that become more accessible when we welcome the intelligence of our awake moving bodies.

Many of us both ache to feel we belong and fear it.
What does belonging mean to each of us?
Can we belong and stay the shape we are?
Where do we feel excluded or find it hard to include ourselves?

We will lean into the Movement Medicine elemental, heart and relational maps so we can safely dance with the questions that arise in and between us here. Giving permission, expression, care and love where it is needed. Noticing and encouraging balance and inclusion in a time we are invited to move towards extremity and polarisation.

So we may remember how we do belong; to ourselves, each other, community and our environment, our place in the lineage of life and the gossamer threads weaving us.

We will be dancing with awareness in these 5 Dimensions of Relationship that underly all Movement Medicine practice:
Self - our relationship with ourselves
Other - our one to one relationships (friends, family, colleagues, animal companions)
Community - our connection to local, national, international communities and the community of life on earth
Ancestors/Descendants/Spirits - our relationship with our ancestors, descendents and the spirit world (whatever that means to you personally)
Source - also called the great mystery, the divine or love, where we dissolve in connection to all and land in something broader than the sum or our parts

This is precious time to revive ourselves in the medicine of the dance and goodness of human connection, much needed for many of us in these uncertain times. We will also draw on Processwork, creative expression/reflection and intentional focus to clarify, remember and restore what matters to us. So we can re-enter the world and our communities better equipped to support that which brings life, connection and kindness.

ANTWERP, BELGIUM 21- 23 July 2023
Atheneum Deurne, Jan Brochovenstraat 15, 2100 Deurne, Antwerp.
Friday 21 July 7.30pm - 10pm, Saturday 22 July 11am - 6pm, Sunday 33 July 10am - 5pm
Cost: Friday, Saturday and Sunday €200 (Friday evening is part of the workshop), Friday evening only €25.
For information and to book contact Luc: +32 (0)613 299 20 | | Book online at:

Covid Guidance
We will be adhering to any Covid requirements in place at the time of this event, either nationally or requested by the venue. This will be communicated to you before you come. The room will be well ventilated.