Self | Other | Community | Spirits | Source

Remembering we belong; to ourselves, each other, community and our environment, our place in the lineage of life, with spirit and the gossamer threads weaving us.

BELONGING is an invitation to return to the places of connection that can become more accessible when we dance. Exploring relational dimensions, supported by Movement Medicine practices, processwork and systemic understanding.

Bringing attention and permission to where we feel most connected, looking towards the relational fields we are less comfortable with. Seeing how we may bring movement and find resource there. Exploring elemental connection and reciprocity in these dimensions of relationship. What elements do we naturally associate with each dimension of relationship and how might we invite other elements to be more present here?

Noticing and encouraging balance, space and inclusion in a time we are invited to move towards extremity and polarisation.

As always with these gatherings - this is precious time to revive ourselves in the strong arms of the dance and the love of a human dancing village. So we can re-enter the world and our communities better equipped to support that which brings life, connection and kindness.

Self - our relationship with ourselves
Other - our one to one relationships (friends, family, colleagues, animal companions)
Community - our connection to local, national, international communities and the community of life on earth
Spirits - our relationship with our ancestors, descendents and the spirit world (whatever that means to you personally)
Source - also called the great mystery, the divine or love, where we dissolve in connection to all and land in something broader than the sum or our parts

BRIGHTON, UK: 8 - 10 April 2022
The Studio, 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton, BN2 3PF
Friday 8th April 7 - 9pm, Saturday 9th 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10th 10am - 4.30pm
Cost: Late bird offer of £145
We also have bursary places available if you wish to be there but the cost is problematic. 
Places are limited to 20 on this workshop. Your place will be reserved once you we have received your payment. If you cancel your place before 25.03.22 we will refund the fee minus an £80 cancellation cost. After 25.03.22 we unfortunately cannot refund any monies.
For information and to book contact Annamarie:  +44 (0)7921 842621,

In light of the current humanitarian disaster on our doorstep and in recognition of 'Belonging' to each other. 10% of profit from this will be donated to support those in need from the impacts of the war in Ukraine.

Covid Guidance
We will be adhering to any Covid requirements in place at the time of this event, either nationally or requested by the venue. This will be communicated to you before you come. Places have been limited to 20 in this workshop to allow plenty of space, the room will be well ventilated.