movement medicine

Movement Medicine is a dance based movement meditation practice that reconnects you to the wisdom of inhabiting your heart and the liberation of knowing and trusting who you are and what you have to bring to this world.

Movement Medicine blends physical, spiritual, therapeutic and shamanic understanding and is deeply rooted in our connection to the natural word and the cycles of life. This is a dance meditation practice for the times we live in, bringing support and expression to body, heart and mind.

The Movement Medicine mandala is a map of the resources and places of learning in this practice:

The 4 directional lines represent the elements, earth, air, fire and water, each one a huge resource and teacher for life.

The nine spheres along the top represent body, heart and mind (empowerment), past, present and future (responsibility), then fulfilment, interconnection and realisation.

The five globes along the bottom are the possibilities of connection - self, other, community (including all of life on earth), spirit and lives gone before, then the divine (or as I understand it the place where we simply exist in connection to everything)

In the centre are the wings of yin and yang, and at the centre of these the empty space where we experience everything and nothing.

What can you expect from Movement Medicine practice?

• Support to find your own free dance.
• Support to find the confidence to be yourself, to communicate, to enjoy relating, giving and receiving.
• A friendly, safe, non-judgmental welcoming atmosphere, no matter what your age, background, dance experience, culture, appearance or experience.
• A healthier body, heart, mind and connection to your soul.
• An inspiring blend of great music and clear teaching to support your journey.

What is asked of you?

That you treat yourself, others and the space with respect. We don't ask you to do any particular movements and we don't ask you to overstep any personal boundaries, we ask only that you bring your willingness, attention and dancing feet.

This practice was developed by Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan, the founders of Movement Medicine, visit their site for in-depth information from them about this practice.