Individual Support and Mentoring

Rosie works with individuals one to one both as a professional mentor and for personal support. These individual sessions offer you the opportunity to work more directly with a particular focus or to get supported in developing a wider understanding of and ways of being with your  inner system.

Rosie works in different ways according to what is right for you. This runs a full spectrum from in depth personal enquiry, processing and system support to mentoring guidance in the practices and toolkit of Movement Medicine.  

Personal Support with Movement Medicine and Internal Famiiy Systems
In individual sessions Rosie combines her training in Movement Medicine, Internal Family Systems and Processwork. Sessions are trauma informed and supported by other trainings and life experience. Her approach is systemic and somatic. We use a mixture of speaking, movement, body and symptom focusing and sound. This enables us to follow and engage with what is happening moment to moment for you and the intelligence of your system. 

Rosie works face to face near Totnes and online using Zoom.

Cost is £65 per hour. Some concessions are available.

"There is something very unique in her way of being and working which I see as very balanced, no-nonsense, down to earth, very real. If I would paint it, it would be a rather abstract painting with a lot of space/silence and clear, gentle lines, stripped away from too much, as simple, clear and beautiful as the reality of rose petals landed on the earth. The precise Essence of all that is needed. Welcoming colours, embracing everything and including all that appears in the movement or stuckness of the moment... and taking it as a starting point to work through. Her calm, grounded presence in combination with a focused, steady determination gives me time and space to learn to feel safe to listen and trust what is true for me, to learn to stay with what is and the opportunity to go as deep as I feel is possible in that moment. The support I receive during the sessions ripples through in the time between two sessions and step by step, I can feel how things are changing... " LH