remembering grief as an ally - a messenger of love and agent of change

The seed and soil of this work lives in Rosie's own journey with loss and heartbreak. The workshops and courses offered have been developed in the rich humus of personal experience, alongside working with both groups and individuals (online and in person) to support them in navigating their grief landscapes. Rosie has gained expertise over the last decade in facilitationg groups to safely and effectively bring the heart into motion, she has seen time and again how the awake moving body is a safe and versatile vessel for the heart.

"In my world allowing my grief to breathe helps me hugely in all the places I struggle.  It supports me to shed the tears I need to shed, to rage about the things I need to rage about, to allow myself to feel deeply and surrender to the river of my heart.

To acknowledge what is gone, and why that hurts, alerts me to what really matters to me, it reminds me of what is never broken even when the obvious presence of something or someone is lost. From here I am able to nourish the places of resource and care for the world and my own being, to stand up in what I love and value. I am able to not push myself into believing only the big gestures matter, to say yes to those small acts and steps that help me to connect and feed my heart.

In my experience, connection makes all the difference, connection to nature, connection to the elements, connection to our homes, connection to other humans. To be able to notice what is holding us that is more than the sum of our individual parts. To enable us to lean into that and dance with what is in our hearts. This is why I am committed to creating and nurturing spaces where we can bring our grief as the precious jewel it is."

Rosie (from a newsletter in October 2021)