Ashes & Blossom Online

dancing with grief as a messenger of love and agent of change

An ongoing group meeting monthly for 4 modules, with 4 intra-module evenings
This online group is created specifically for these times, it seems we are carrying a lot of shock and grief in our systems right now. As a resource in this we will use the tools and practices of Movement Medicine to open the door to grief as an ally. To create safety and permission in connection with others, thereby giving some breath to the stories in our broken hearts. Experience with many groups shows that when we allow this what we find is a stepping closer to our true nature and a clarifying of what really matters to us.

Ashes & Blossom is an invitation to dance into the places of heartbreak and welcome the life force waiting there.  Dance is amazing for working with intense emotions. The awake, moving body creates a strong, safe and versatile vessel for the heart, in which we can evolve, rather than be overwhelmed by what we feel.

Strengthening and leaning into the support of human connection, we will welcome, express and share what is needed, enabling us to catch sight of the wild blooms in our grief.  We will spend time in intentional focus and integration to clarify our understanding and nurture any emerging buds.This is precious time in dancing community to learn about ourselves, each other and strengthen our connection to all that gives and supports life, including our grief.

Rosie is offers ONLINE INTRODUCTORY EVENINGS for this work:
The next date is to be confirmed.
They are usually 6 - 8pm (UK time)
Cost: £15 or £20

Each evening will include some conversation and introduction from Rosie, experiential practice and time for questions and answers. Come along if you would like to find out more about this before diving in - or are just wishing to dip your toe in and get a sense of what it might be to dance with grief in this way.

Next programme is likley to start in Autumn 2023, dates not yet set - please email Rosie with expressions of interest:

Background: The seed and soil of this work comes from Rosie's own journey with loss and heartbreak. This course has been developed in the rich humus of personal experience, alongside working with both groups and individuals (online and in person) to support them in navigating individual and collective grief landscapes. Rosie has also gained expertise over the last few years in facilitationg groups to safely and effectively bring the heart into motion.

Content: We will use the practices of Movement Medicine as the basis of our journey, we will also specifically draw upon:
• Movement Medicine Chambers of the Heart
• Movement Medicine archetypal support 
• Movement Medicine Intentional focus, body dreaming and witnessing, also called Ceremony.
• Processwork
• Sound and voice, including sharing grief stories
• Creative expression and reflection (drawing, crafting, writing and any other expressions of creativity, full permission to chose what is right for you here)

How it will work online: Taking into account zoom capacity and also knowing what is needed in terms of time and landing to find our way here. I have looked to create a programme with a balance of group connection and space, trying to minimize screen overload.

For the day modules we will meet, move and explore for 2.5 hours in the morning.  We will then break for 2 hours for lunch and an activity away from the screen, meeting in the afternoon for a further 2.5 hours.  In the zoom session times there will also be breakout groups and activities that do not involve screen interaction.

I have included an evening session before the first module to meet each other and land, there will also be an evening session between each module to keep the thread strong.

An individual mentoring session is also included as part of the group. There will also be the option for peers to meet to get support and listen to how each other are.

Limited places: this course is limited to 12 participants to support group safety and cohesion. 

Prerequisites: This group is open to all who feel they might benefit from it. It is however important that you be willing and able to take full responsibility for your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing during and betweeen modules and after the course. This includes a commitment to ensuring you have support systems in place if needed.

Cost: £340, £410 or £480  Decide which is right for you depending on your means. If you are able to pay the higher amount this will support Rosie to offer those that really need it the option of a bursary place.
Payment is also possible by instalments, If you really want to join but the lower price is problematic please get in touch to apply for a bursay place.

• Live zoom sessions (12 sessions over 4 evenings and 4 days)
• Supported offline enquiries
• An individual mentoring session
• Access to audio recordings of sessions to revisit between meetings and return to after the programme has ended

Online using zoom: Sessions will take place online from wherever you are using the Zoom platform. Here is information about Zoom if you havent met it yet:
• If you have a computer, choose that over the iPad or iPhone, not only will the sound be better but also you can see more of others in the group.
• If you are new to Zoom please do watch this introductory video
• You can download Zoom here 
• You will need a good internet connection.

Feel free to contact Rosie directly at Dance Scapes with any questions.

Movement Medicine weaves the exhilaration of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding and the intelligence of shamanic practice. It is a trauma informed modality that supports us to explore our humanity with compassion, creativity and curiosity. Dance is a highly efficient way to process our experiences, traverse our emotions, and get to know ourselves better.

“Rosie creates an incredibly safe space, which allows participants an expanse of self-discovery above and beyond what may be anticipated. This is made possible by Rosie’s deep exploration over the years into her own heart spaces, and she brings an authenticity and vulnerability in her facilitation. As such, a door is opened through which we can follow to explore the foundations of our own hearts” Jen Levin