why dance?

Dance is a joyful and deeply connecting experience, it offers us a simple, physical way of being fully in ourselves and with another or others.

When we dance we open doors in ourselves we weren’t aware of, we access resources and support we didn’t know we had and we keep our emotions mobile and fluid. It’s hard to get stuck in a thought pattern or a feeling when the body is in motion.

Why is this a good thing? Because it gives us space to breathe and experience more of ourselves. It also enables us to make contact with others and be with what is outside of us without losing ourselves to it.

When we invite our innate ability, our trust and acceptance in who we are, our curiosity and lightness, and let all of this move, our experience of life becomes so much broader.

I dance because my body loves to move,
I dance because I feel life pulsing through my veins,
When I dance life flows and the fog of preconception lifts,
With each movement I am alive to the present moment,
I find more space in which to exist without judgement,
Enabling me to expand into my individuality within community,
Dancing with attention helps me to release stuck places
Dance is a clear path to finding and allowing more of who I am
Ultimately, dance brings me joy and health of body heart and mind.

If you're not sure of your own answer to this question but there is a part of you that wants to find out, we would encourage you to get along to a Movement Medicine session, or any other embodied/conscious dance practice near you and find out!