Mentoring for Professionals

Rosie has worked as a mentor to both Movement Medicine Apprentices and Professionals for some time now. She is also part of the mentoring team for WildWise on their Call of the Wild training programme and the Red School mentor team.

In this role she supports professionals in the practicals of what is needed to work with others as a facilitator in somatic and nature based practice, the nitty gritty of running groups and a one to one practice.

She is also well versed in traversing the edge of what gets activated in us personally and how to manage and process our own activation. How to discern and take responsibility for what is ours, with kindness and care for ourselves and when we need to attend to boundaries and structures to support those we are working with from more clarity.

Rosie works face to face near Totnes and online using Zoom.

Cost is £65 per hour. Some concessions are available.

Please contact Rosie if you would like to explore working with her as a mentor. 

"I am so grateful to have had Rosie Perks as my mentor and supervisor. Rosie has an exceptional quality of quietly remembering and then tracking what I’ve shared about what matters most to me. She has an ability to listen deeply and symphonically for where there is any dissonance between what we have discussed as my intention or desire or goal, and where I may be acting in an old habit or pattern. She works in a way that is so stealth, so quiet, yet so powerful, that it never ceased to surprise me. She creates a solid sense of safety, softness, and support, and yet she is a fierce protector of what really matters to me.

I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to stay on track and feel deeply supported in following their own rhythm and vision. Rosie is a skilled process oriented therapist. She is well-versed in up to date psychological theories, and very experienced after years of working somatically, imaginally, and spiritually."
Charlotte Underwood - Psychotherapist and Movement Medicine Facilitator