the medicine of movement - closed group for women

Thursdays fortnightly, 7pm - 9.30pm
Women Only

Ashprington Village Hall (this venue may need to change):
Ashprington, Totnes, TQ9 7UL 
Google map for directions (note the map where the hall is marked looks like its on Orchard Close but it's actually on the main street in the village on left a couple of hundred yards down from the pub - I've marked this map with an orange circle with dancer in it where the hall actually is)

With the Covid situation this may need to change but at present these are the planned dates.

Summer term 2021:
8 & 22 April, 6 & 20 May, 3 & 17 June, 1 & 15 July
8, 22 April & 6 May will be on zoom. 20 May, 3 & 17 June, 1 & 15 July will be in the room.
It is now possible to join the group for the live - in the room sessions only.
Cost to join the group for the 5 session in the room will be £75

Autumn term 2021:
9 & 23 September, 7 & 21 October, 4 & 18 November, 2 & 16 December
Cost £112 if booked with payment by 15 August 2021 | £128 thereafter

With reduced numbers due to Covid for the Summer 2021 term it is not possible to try the first session before joining. 
Usually though 
the first session of each term, 9 September Autumn term are open for newcomers to try, if there are still places avaialble in the group, pre-booking is recomended, after this the group is closed for the term. The cost is £16, if you join the group this would be deducted from the full cost.

Numbers are limited for this closed group, some terms do get full in advance so it is worth booking early if you know you wish to join us.

For booking contact Rosie: 07813 018567 |

This group is for women who wish to explore their love of dancing in more depth with the support of a respectful and dedicated group of women. This group provides a safe and deeply nourishing container for explorations into the medicine of movement, giving us a chance to really discover more of our individual dances in conversation with the dance we share between us. In a closed group we are able to build the trust that enables more freedom of expression and adventuring together. Over the term we can take a journey with each other and really call on the support of the practices of Movement Medicine that invite us into more of who we truly are. Some of the places we might visit on this journey are:

• The simple practice of listening to, engaging with and truly inhabiting our physical bodies. This is the bedrock of our practice.
• The movement of and between our micro awareness, internal landscape, and macro awareness, all that is outside of us.
• The elements, earth, air, fire and water that we can call on as a resource and a place to remember that which we are made of.
• Yin and Yang - dancing with the archetypal feminine of listening, receiving and accepting what is; and the masculine of enagaging, encouraging and taking action; finding the creative dance between them.
• Unity and freedom - finding the place where we can move freely between being in our own dance and being in sync and connection with others.

This is an ongoing journey together, the group continues with a good core of women and then some shifts and changes each term, keeping it alive. The group is very warm and welcoming to newcomers, a real place of resource.

 Measures that will be in place for Covidwhn we are able to be in aroom and guidelines still need to be adhered to:
• The group will be kept small enough to make sure we can dance with a 2m distance
• The floor will be washed by us before each session, we will also wipe door handles etc
• There are toilets for hand washing and I will provide hand sanitiser as well in the room
• Everyone please wash or sanitise hands at the beginning and end of each session session
• Please bring your own blankets, cushions or other sitting and resting things as required (I won't be providing the usual ones to share)

• Please bring your own tissues. I will have some pre-packaged ones for individuals for those that forget but we wish to
 avoid waste and extra cost if possible.
• Please wear face masks in hallways when entering the venue and when going to the toilet. There is no requirement to wear face masks when dancing or in the hall itself as long as 2m distance is kept. 

The group has previously been held in Studio 30 (The Hexagon), Park Rd, Dartington Hall, Totnes, TQ9 6EF map and directions >