freedom in motion

space creativity permission

An invitation to step out from the ‘shoulds’ of life, to rediscover through movement the freedom that comes when we let go of the ideas we hold about who we are or what others want us to be.

We will dance to awaken and surrender to the spaciousness of moving energy. Inviting our curiousity and permission to allow ourselves to simply follow each moment.  To enable a magic of interconnection that makes the space between us alive and open. In this space we might just wake up to our right to exist and the possibility of being with others in the simple truth of what is.

Using the maps of Movement Medicine this workshop offers a place to revitalise and remember. To re-align body, heart and mind; to remind ourselves of the resource in our relationship with the elements and our possibilities of connection. You are warmly invited to join us in this dancing exploration whatever your age, shape, physical ability or experience.

creating space for being and becoming

There are currenlty no dates set for this workshop, please get in touch if you would like a FREEDOM IN MOTION workshop in your area.