Heart In Motion Weekend

The Elemental Heart - Movement as Medicine supported by Yoga

Resource and support for ourselves and each other in the vitality and tenderness of the Heart in Motion. The aim of this weekend is to strengthen our individual and collective care package during these times. To give space and a home in the moving body for the heart to breathe and be welcomed in all its weather.

Our Movement Medicine practice will be based in the elemental heart maps, learning to soften any edges, understand ourselves better and strengthen our resources there:
EARTH & AWAKENING - ground and holding with the instinct of the heart in the awake, alert, eyes open body.
FIRE & INTEGRITY - heat, light and expression with the muscle of the heart, protection, courage and commitment.
WATER & SURRENDER - releasing and inviting the water to wash us, trusting and letting go into the river of our heart.
AIR & GRATITUDE - lightness, breath and permission, welcoming the heart’s natural joy, generosity and curiosity.
ETHER & GRACE - space, love, the vast unknown, the place of radical inclusion where we move in simplicity with the crunchy and the smooth.

Our dance will be supported by begining each morning and afternoon with yoga practice led by Sarah Harlow. Sarah is a qualified Movement Medicine teacher as well as a vastly experienced Yoga teacher and trainer, amongst many other things - read more about her on the Yogasara website. She has worked a lot with the dance between Movement Medicine and Yoga, both incredible disciplines in their own right and deeply complimentary. Yogasana offers us very specific opportunities to fully inhabit the body-mind-spirit. Precise ways to breathe life into and awaken the dancer, perhaps taking us out of our comfort zone and into places we may avoid in the dance! The invitation from both is to embody, empower and remember who we are.

We will also lean into other modalities to build a dancing village that welcomes and celebrates our diversity as well as our unity; in which we can learn about ourselves, each other and strengthen our connection to all that gives and supports life. 

BRISTOL, UK: 27 - 29 October 2023
Glenfrome Primary School, Cottisford Road, BS5 6TY see on Google maps
Friday 27 October, 7 - 9 pm, Saturday 28 October 10am - 6pm, Sunday 29 October 10am - 4.30pm
Cost £225, there are some lower cost places available for those on a lower income - please be in touch if you feel need this.
For information contact Sarah at Yogasara: +44 (0)7789 501884, sarah@yogasara.co.uk
Book Online: Heart In Motion Online Booking

No previous experience necessary to join this workshop just your willingness and curiosity. Places are limited to 30. Your place will be reserved once we have received your payment.