hearts and bones

the creative dancing conversation of yin, yang and the space between

Do you find it easy to accept and receive yourself?
To let go and give yourself permission to be simply as you are?
What is your relationship with manifesting in the world?
How active is your will and your determination?
What is your relationship with the creative space between these two places?

Most of us find one of these easier and more natural than the other. This is an opportunity to flex your yin and yang muscles and strengthen both places in yourself. To nourish your creative life force that requires both yin and yang to thrive.

We will dance inside both yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and explore how we move between them. Becoming more famailiar with where we are more and where we are less comfortable; where more resource might be needed and where we are well nourished. Visiting also the archetypal forces of these two energies - so we remember the support and value of that which is greater than our personal experiences and always available to us.

Seeking the creativity of the dance that is both yin and yang, that moves fluidly between receiving our being simply as it is and activating the new and unknown, allowing our desire and our acceptance to dance together. In this dance our passion and our vulnerability have room to breathe as we dance the dreams in our hearts and our bones.

There are currenlty no dates set for this workshop, please get in touch if you would like to have this workshop in your area.