out of ashes

dancing for love and life in loss

Loss and the grief that brings are, it seems, an intrinsic part of our ability to love. Although grief can be painful we can also experience in it an incredible sense of celebration and life in our love for what we have lost.This workshop is an opportunity to do just that, to allow the heartbreak alongside the joy and life force in the grief we hold individually and collectively. 

We will dance to fully arrive in our bodies, awakening our ability to move with and through whatever is living in our grief. Giving ourselves over to the surrender grief calls for, making space for the desolation grief brings, dancing with it to find the creativity and the life waiting to grow from the ashes of our loss. Our dance will be supported and consolidated with creative expression and reflection.

Grief comes in many shapes and sizes, it knows no boundaries and does not compare, it simply exists as part of our precious humanity. Whatever your connection to grief, be it personal loss, heartbreak for the world, cultural or inherited grief, or a simple curiosity you are very welcome at this weekend.

This workshop is born out of Rosie’s experience of living with, and learning from grief.

Forthcoming dates:

25th - 27th January 2019  Athens, Greece
COST: €130 if booked by 25.12.18, €140 thereafter,
bookings require an €60 non-returnable deposit.
Contact Maria for information: movement.medicine.greece@gmail.com
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29 November - 1 December 2019  Antwerp, Belgium
Details to come
Contact Lucfor information: luc@owc.be +32 61329920