exploring our natural vitality, momentum, expansion and contraction

Pulse invites us to explore the motion between expansion and contraction, speeding up and slowing down, receiving and taking action, trusting when our natural vibrancy expresses itself as a burning sun or a warm glow. Remembering the value of both.

How do we allow ourselves to truly trust and follow our individuality as a part of the whole? Noticing that when we welcome our diversity and keep our senses open to what is around us we find a vital key to connection.

We will work with the simple and profound practice of awakening the dancer, listening and resting into our ‘body brain’ and instinctive self. Dancing also with the elements, spacial awareness, yin and yang. Awakening and surrendering ever deeper into ourselves and our intrinsic interconnection.

This is precious time in the village of dancing commnuity to explore the space inside ourselves and between us, discovering more of the freedom to be found in the moving conversation between our individual and collective Pulse. 

BELGIUM: 24 - 26 July 2020
Gent, Blauwe Poort (Melle), Belgium
Friday 24 July 7.30 - 10pm, Saturday 25 July 11am - 6pm, Sunday 26 July 10am - 5pm
Cost: Friday, Saturday and Sunday €180 (Friday evening is part of the workshop), Friday evening only €25.
For information and to book contact Luc: +32 (0)613 299 20  |  luc@owc.be  |  Book online at: owc.be