dancing through the chambers of the heart


A FRIDAY EVE INTRODUCTION to our work, for anyone curiously fascinated with the world of Movement Medicine and Dance. This is an excellent beginning also to the weekend in which we will focus on the Chambers of The Heart. The emotional map of Movement Medicine.

We will begin by Awakening our inner and outer dancer. From where we can explore our Intergrity as one who takes responsibility for our own emotions, without blame or judgement of others.
We will create a space to honor our Ancestors, those who came before us. Looking at what gifts have been passed on to us and also what we wish to release of the habits and patterns that have carried on in our lineage.
Taking the Courage to step fully into our own dance, we will meet with the potential of the dancer and the free spirit that is our birth right, looking at what gets in the way of this before we step fully onto the path we now wish to take.
Sometimes a natural Surrender needs to take place, to let go of what no longer serves us and to simply accept the necessary challenges that come our way to hep make us stronger.
We will take a deep dive into the unknown, where Mystery after Mystery unfolds us into the the arms of Gratitude where our dance is embraced in deep love.
Our connection to our own Wise Elder in the domain of Grace will complete this dance showing us the wisdom with which we are ready to walk out into our lives.

There are currenlty no dates set for this workshop, please get in touch if you would like to organise a Re-generation workshop in your area.