Relinquish Replenish

the dance of remembering and restoring

RELINQUISH . REPLENISH is an opportunity to sink into the bones of our dance, returning to the essence of what truly holds and feeds us. At this time with the challenges we have been living in we will meet to dance both our vivacity and acceptance. Encouraging our moving beings to relinquish what no longer serves, giving it over to the dance as compost for life. To then replenish ourselves from the wellspring of life and connection.

We will take time to land fully in our awake bodies, giving ourselves over to the intelligence of the moving body. Working with the Movement Medicine Archetypal and Elemental maps to help us navigate and get support in our human challenges. We will work with resourcing your innate ability to move with whatever life presents; your trust and acceptance in who you are; the yin and yang of care taking yourself; and the lightness to be curious and find the freedom and creativity available in each moment.

Also drawing on Processwork, creative expression/reflection and intentional focus to clarify, remember and restore what matters to us. This is precious time in dancing community to learn together and lean into the support of human connection; much needed for many of us in these uncertain and stretching times.

Movement Medicine weaves the exhilaration of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding, the intelligence of shamanic practice and spirit of creativity. Dance as a practice is a highly efficient way to process our experiences, allow our emotions, and get to know ourselves better. A highly useful resource at this time of massive challenge and uncertainty we are living in.

Forthcoming Dates:

11 - 13 June 2021, Brighton UK
Friday 11 June 7.30 - 10pm, Saturday 12 June 10am - 6pm, Sunday 13 June 10am - 4.30pm

Limited places available in The Studio: Smaller group for Covid safety
Cost for studio places £135 if booked by 11.05.21, £165 thereafter.
The Studio, 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton, BN2 3PF

Participate online:  Gather a small local group and join us online through Zoom, or from your home as an individual:
Cost for online places £80 if booked by 11.05.21, £90 thereafter. See below for information for those joining in small groups online. Online places will also be limited to 16 so we have a balance of dancers in the room and online.

To book or if you have any questions contact Annamarie: +44 (0)7921 842621, 

*Measures for Covid in The Studio
• We have kept the group small to make sure we can dance with a 2m distance
• For those that wish to have closer contact it is possible to dance side by side or have back to back contact
  - face to face dancing needs to be at a 2m distance
• There are several hand washing facilities and we will provide plenty of hand sanitiser in the studio
• We ask participants to wash or sanitise hands on arrival and at the beginning and end of every session (we would also recommend once during each session as well)
• We ask participants to avoid hand contact, if hand contact is necessary please wash or sanitise hands directly afterwards
• Usually participants share food and we provide cushions, blankets and tissues, on this workshop:
  - We ask participants to bring food to eat just for themselves (not to share), and if possible to bring their own eating and drinking utensils
  - For those travelling that cannot bring their own utensils there are utensils at the venue and you will select a set at the
    beginning of the weekend and then keep them as your personal set for throughout the workshop
  - Please bring your own blankets, cushions or other sitting and resting things as required (we won't be bringing any to share)
  - Please bring your own tissues. We will have some pre-packaged ones for individuals for those that forget but we wish to
    avoid waste and extra cost if possible.

Hopefully this all makes sense, feel free to contact Annamarie with any questions you might have. Obviously it will take us a little getting used to all of this but we feel confident we will still be able to find our way to connection and support together.  We know that many of us are SO wanting to get back into a room and dance together we felt it was worth the extra stretch and adaptation.  There are many dancing ways to connection, support and love!

Measures for Covid joining Online
• If you are coming as a small group online and are from the same household or bubble obviously we leave it to you to manage that as long as you make sure you have enough space to dance together safely and the room is clear of hazards
• If you are gathering from different households or bubbles we ask you to make sure you have enough space to keep a 2m distance when you are dancing.
• We also strongly suggest you follow the same guidelines we have laid out above for those coming to dance in The Studio
• Every person joining us online will need to register on Zoom even if you are in a group or pair with one Zoom connection (tis is an insurance requirement for us)

So there we are - we hope that this makes it possible for everyone to be at this weekend with us in one way or another that wishes to be.  We have tried to keep the possibilities of joining as open as possible. We are looking forward to this new dancing experiment!!

Should we be unable to meet due to another lockdown, we will refund all places or transfer them to a rescheduled date.