The Heart in Motion

An ongoing group series of 5 days spread over 8 months

Dive deeper into the vitality of the Heart in Motion in this ongoing group. We will spend a full day in each chamber and element, exploring the light and shadow, learning to soften any edges, understand ourselves better and strengthen our resources there:

EARTH & AWAKENING - the instinct of the heart in the awake, alert, eyes open body.
FIRE & INTEGRITY - the muscle of the heart, protection, courage and commitment.
WATER & SURRENDER - trusting and letting go into the river of our heart.
AIR & GRATITUDE - welcoming the heart’s natural joy, generosity and curiosity.

The final day we will spend in the centre of the heart, the chamber of GRACE & ETHER - the place of radical inclusion, we move, in simplicity, with the crunchy and the smooth. Here we will gather and integrate what we have shared and learnt.

Movement Medicine blends the exhilaration of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding and spirit of shamanic practice. We will use Movement Medicine supported by other modalities to build a dancing village that welcomes and celebrates our diversity as well as our unity; in which we can learn about ourselves, each other and strengthen our connection to all that gives and supports life.

This group is aimed at those who have attended a closed group, weekend workshop and/or day workshops with Rosie or have equivalent experience in Movement Medicine or related practices.

Rosie’s teaching is informed by a long, rich relationship to dance and training in Processwork, sitting alongside her understanding of our shared humanity. Rosie has many years teaching experience and offers a space that is safe and expertly held, often including the emerging voice with movement. She is a faculty teacher and mentor for the School of Movement Medicine. 

Practical Information:
Dates 2019/20: 19 October, 14 December 2019, 8 February, 18 April, 20 June 2020 (this group is now in progress)

2020/21 Dates: 17 October, 12 December 2020 20 February, 10 April, 19 June 2021
plus a one to one Skype mentoring session with Rosie (date to be agreed individually).

Times: Each day runs from 10am - 6pm

Cost: £340 if booked with £100 deposit by 10th September 2020, £390 thereafter, payment plans available.

Space Studios, Dartington Hall, Park Rd, Dartington Hall, Totnes, TQ9 6EF google map >

Contact: For further information and an appplication form contact Emily   07876494070